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China, Mexico agree to create new setup of cooperation

2014-11-14 16:17:11 (Beijing Time)         Xinhua


BEIJING, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto agreed to establish new bilateral cooperations in key areas including finance, trade, investment, infrastructure, energy and hi-tech, during talks on Thursday in Beijing.

The new cooperation, the "one-two-three setup", named financial cooperation as the engine; trade and investment as the mainlines; and infrastructure, energy, hi-tech cooperation as the emphases, Xi told Pena Nieto.

He called on both countries to take each other's development strategies into consideration when proposing new action plans to ensure more-practical and better-directed solutions.

Being major developing countries and important emerging economies, China and Mexico face similar tasks and challenges, said Xi.

The relations between China and Mexico were lifted to a comprehensive strategic partnership level during Xi's state visit to Mexico in June 2013.

The consensus reached between the two leaders have mostly been implemented since then, said Xi, adding that China is willing to enhance cooperation with Mexico to promote the development of the relationship.

He also said China welcomed more Mexican products to the Chinese market, adding that China was ready to host the year of Mexican tourism and the second forum of Chinese and Mexican university presidents in 2015.

Recalling the four meetings with Xi in a year, Pena Nieto said the bilateral cooperation had achieved remarkable progress, thanks to their joint efforts.

Mexico and China agree on many major issues, said Pena Nieto, adding that there was still more potential for bilateral cooperation.

Pena Nieto agreed with Xi's proposal of building a new setup of cooperation. Mexico hopes to expand bilateral trade and investment cooperation, promote connectivity, and warmly welcomed Chinese enterprises to participate in Mexico's reform, especially in the area of infrastructure construction.

He also called for the early launch of the Mexico-China investment fund.

On the political front, Xi called on both countries to continue to show understanding and support to each other, and deepen mutual trust. He also called for enhanced cooperation between government departments, legislatures, political parties and localities of both countries.

President Pena Nieto said Mexico sincerely hoped to develop a close, all-round strategic partnership with China, adding that he was willing to inject new energy into the bilateral ties.

The two leaders also exchanged views on the upcoming G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia, slated for this weekend, agreeing to work with all other sides to promote positive results out of the meeting.

After the talks, the two presidents witnessed the inking of a series of documents on finance; energy; quality inspection; investment and science and technology; and jointly met the press.

The two sides issued an action program on promoting the China-Mexico comprehensive strategic partnership, and decided to research and launch a roadmap to promote bilateral all-round cooperation.

The two presidents also met representatives attending a high-level working group meeting of Chinese and Mexican entrepreneurs, and encouraged them to actively participate in trade and investment cooperation.

Also on Thursday, Xi, Pena Nieto and their wives attended an opening ceremony of the Exhibition of Mayas: The Language of Beauty in the National Museum of China, pledging to further boost bilateral cultural exchanges.

"During President Pena Nieto's China visit, the joint holding of the Mayan cultural exhibition is a great event for bilateral cultural

exchanges," said Xi at the ceremony.

Pena Nieto deemed the exhibition to be a new bridge for mutual understanding between the two peoples, saying his country welcomed more Chinese nationals to the Latin American country.

Pena Nieto is paying a state visit to China at the invitation of Xi after attending the 22nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting, which was held in Beijing from Monday to Thursday.