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Beijing Gives Incentives to Environmental Protection Projects

2014-9-04 11:40:07 (Beijing Time)


Fog shrouds the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, capital of China, July 3, 2014. Fog and smog hit Beijing on July 3 and serious pollution was reported by local environmental bureau. [Photo: Xinhua]

Beijing municipal government has officially launched an incentive plan on air-pollution-control technological transformation projects this week with the highest incentive award of 20 million yuan (3.3 million US dollars) for a project, reports.

Those control projects including volatile organic compound abatement, nitric oxide management, and desulphurization and dust removal.

Beijing has launched 116 projects, of which 38 air-pollution-control technological transformation projects from 4 groups have been approved, with financial support of some 113 million yuan (18.4 US dollars) obtained.

It is reported that Beijing Municipal Financial Department has a special fund of 3 billion yuan (488 million US dollars) annually for air pollution control projects.