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PLA newspaper pledges stronger army on victory anniversary

2014-9-04 14:17:55 (Beijing Time)


BEIJING, Sept. 3 -- China's top military newspaper, the PLA Daily, called for a stronger army in a strongly worded article commemorating the 69th Anniversary of China's victory in the Anti-Japanese War.

Sixty-nine years on, the trauma of the war has not faded with time, said the article published in the newspaper run by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) on Sept. 3, which marks China's Victory Day in the Anti-Japanese War.

"Every Chinese person should remember the history and the heroes in the war, whatever diversified values the society is entertaining," said the article written by Jiexinping. "The Chinese nation cherishes peace, but peace is not surrender to evil power or compromise in dignity."

"We can not forget the deaths of the 300,000 Chinese killed by Japanese aggressors during the 1937 Nanjing Massacre; we can not forget the suffering of tens of thousands of Chinese women who were forced into sexual servitude by Japanese enemy; we can not forget the Chinese infants' cry when they were bayoneted and slaughtered by Japanese soldiers; and we can not forget the atrocities committed by Japanese troops such as the Unit 731 which conducted bacterial tests on living Chinese people..." said the article.

"We should remember these, not for carrying on hatred, but to better value and protect peace," the article went on.

However, Japan's right-wing people are trying to deny such crimes.Japan's crimes in the WWII have been clearly defined in the history. Without a righteous and honest sense of its history, Japan will never become an eligible part in constructing a peaceful international community and it will only act as a troublemaker, according to the article.

In July, the current Japanese cabinet endorsed a reinterpretation of the pacifist Constitution for the right of collective self-defense, which paves the way for sending soldiers into battle outside Japan.

The Chinese army will never let the Japanese kamikaze pilots fly over China's territory, and it will never let the Japanese warships like the "Izumo" to cruise China's territorial rivers, according to the article.

The newspaper also noted that China's victory in the WWII was hard-won at a huge cost. Around 35 million Chinese soldiers and civilians were killed or injured in the Anti-Japanese War. Such plight should not happen again in today's China, according to the article.

"We should work hard to realize the dream of building a powerful army, and a potent and just military can protect the country's territory and the people's lives and properties in war," the article said.

"Looking around, we find that we can not take peace for granted as there are still instability risks lurking in our vicinity," it said. "We must try our best to maintain peace, and we should also get prepared for a possible war."

China will learn from the past of the Anti-Japanese war and step forward with a stronger defense force, it said.

Wednesday marks the 69th anniversary of China's Victory Day in the Anti-Japanese War, the day after the Japanese government officially surrendered on Sept. 2, 1945.

China's anti-Japanese war was an important part of the World's Anti-Fascist War.