China today

Chinese aerospace engineers put skills on show

2017-11-14 14:00:00 (Beijing Time)


Two engineering institutes held the China Aerospace Skills Carnival in Beijing on Monday to show off their students' prowess in the use of tools and equipment.

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology and the Second Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp also organized an event to jointly mark the 60th anniversary of their founding.

Li Xiaobo, a bench worker from the technology academy, used hand tools to quickly and precisely duplicate a key he had observed for just a few seconds.

In another display, welders sealed holes in two pipes, with one pipe spurting out flames and the other water.

"All of our technicians should carry forward the craftsman's spirit and train more excellent technicians to contribute to our country's aerospace industry," said Ma Jie, deputy director of the Second Academy of CASIC.