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Beijing hosts International Gastric Cancer Congress

2017-04-21 19:56:00 (Beijing Time)


More than 3000 people from across 40 different countries have taken part in the 12th International Gastric Cancer Congress (IGCC), which opened in Beijing on Thursday.

The event, which featured 340 leading experts in the prevention and treatment of gastric (stomach) cancer, was designed to promote international togetherness and cooperation in spreading awareness about the disease.

Ji Jiafu, president of the 12th IGCC and Peking University Cancer Hospital, said the congress built an academic platform for attendees, experts and survivors to discuss and share their experiences with gastric cancer, in a candid, open and positive way.

Ji added the conference would end on Sunday, April 23, 2017.

"The aim of the congress was to build an academic bridge to communicate research and findings, clinical experience, and promote standardized treatment," he said.

"It is designed to bridge gaps and improve the management of gastric cancer across the globe."

Wu Aiwen, secretary-general of the 12th IGCC, from the Peking University Cancer Hospital, said the congress would cover a range of issues and topics "across prevention, diagnosis and treatment for all stages of gastric cancer".

"[This will include] screening, endoscopic diagnosis and treatment for the early stage of gastric cancer," he said.

"Provision of psycho-social support and traditional Chinese medicine therapy in palliative, and end-of-life care, will also be spoken about."

According to the hospital, 680,000 new gastric cancer cases occurred in China each year, which accounted for half of the world’s cases, with the majority being diagnosed as advanced gastric cancer.