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Father's Day letter leads man to promise to be a better dad

2017-06-19 15:32:00 (Beijing Time)


Li Peizhe writes a letter to his father. [Photo by Li Lan/ provided to]

A bus driver in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan province, has vowed to spend more time with his 7-year-old son after receiving a poignant Father's Day letter from the boy.

"Dad, you like telling lies, because you often failed to live up to your promises, such as you could not send me to school or celebrate my birthday..." Li Peizhe, a primary school student, wrote to his father, Li Ning, 30.

After expressing his disappointment, the boy wrote that he knew his father's responsibilities and showed his understanding and love for his dad at the end of the letter.

Li Ning is regarded as a "tough guy" on his team, but couldn't hold back his tears when reading the letter.

"No matter how busy I am, I will try to spend more time with him," the father said.

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Li Peizhe poses with his father, Li Ning. [Photo by Li Lan/ provided to]