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Air China to change, cancel flights booked to quake zone for free

2017-08-09 09:37:00 (Beijing Time)


Air China will allow passengers to change or cancel their flights to Jiuzhaigou for free, according to the company. The airline will increase flights to Jiuzhaigou to evacuate people out of the quake zone.

28 minutes after the quake, Air China 4393 left Jiuzhaigou on 9:47 pm on Tuesday, 28 minutes after the quake, for Guangzhou, the first flight to leave the area after the disaster. The flight carrying 119 passengers landed safely on Wednesday.

According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, facilities of airports near the quake zone, including Jiuzhai, Chengdu, Hongyuan and Mianyang, were operating well. The administration carried out emergency conference on Tuesday night to plan the rescue effort. Airlines are ready to fly to the area to carry out rescue.