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First International Language & Culture Expo opens in Beijing

2017-09-12 15:54:00 (Beijing Time)         CGTN


The first China Beijing International Language and Culture Expo opened at the China International Expo Center in Beijing on Monday. The event aims to further meet the demand for Chinese language learning and teaching in Chinese-speaking countries and regions in the world and promote Chinese culture and its exchanges with others.

Exhibitions, creative activities, forum discussions, and product promotions all can be seen at the first Beijing Expo. The event gathers cutting edge ideas, technology, and products involving languages and Chinese and foreign cultures at home and overseas. The expo organizers hope to make it a platform where stakeholders can discus ideas, form networks, and strike cooperation deals.

Zhang Kai is the office manager for the Research Center for Language Intelligence of China. He said they had achieved important research in the field of language intelligence, and their current research focuses on online language intelligence systems, such as automated proofreading and checking systems, learning and writing assistant systems, all of which are available in both Chinese and English.

The Language & Culture Expo is part of the 12th China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo. The mother event is a state-level platform that takes advantage of the Chinese capital's role as a center for international exchanges and cultural, scientific and technological innovation, all of which accelerate the development of cultural industries worldwide.

Tian Lei, representing Tongxinghe Classical Furniture at the Expo, said he was attending the event for the third time. He has brought with him some interesting items for the audience, who can experience traditional carving techniques themselves. He said, because of this, people will get a better understanding of China's traditional handicrafts and its culture.

As one of the highlights of the Expo, the Beijing Foreign Studies University will hold a special forum on language policy, education, intelligence, industrial growth, cultural inheritance, and language rehabilitation. Over 300 experts and scholars from 20 countries and regions are invited to the forum.

The China Beijing International Language & Culture Expo will run till September 13th.