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Ethnic culture helps eradicate poverty in Hunan

2017-09-13 19:57:00 (Beijing Time)


Tujia brocade brightens these slippers that are on display in Wulingyuan district, Zhangjiajie city of Central China's Hunan province. [Wang Jingjing/]

Xilankapu, also known as Tujia brocade, is an original art form by the people of the Tujia ethnic group in west Hunan province.

It is a national intangible cultural heritage, and now has been promoted by the local government with local moves to alleviate poverty. Funded by the government's poverty-relief funds and financial credit, a Tujia brocade company in Wulingyuan district, Zhangjiajie city in Central China's Hunan province, aims to lift the poor out of poverty through their own hard work.

The company helped to train local women, and then sold their products at the market. Most of the finished products were sold overseas, to tourists and through online stores.

There are 600 varieties of Tujia brocade products, including home decorations, clothes, scarves and handbags. In 2016, sales value reached more than 50 million yuan, which helped provide jobs for 106 poor people, according to Ding Shijie, head of the company.

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