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A cultural center of the Maritime Silk Road

2017-09-14 09:56:00 (Beijing Time)         Shanghai Daily


Ningbo, as a historical city on the Maritime Silk Road, still has a major cultural influence and will host the 15th Asia Arts Festival, with the theme of "Ancient Port on Maritime Silk Road, New Dream in Asia."

It is the first time Ningbo will host the event, which runs from September 23 to October 23.

The festival, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, is held annually in Chinese cities as an important multinational cultural activity.

"Ningbo has a good economy and long history," said Xie Jinying, director of the Ministry of Culture's Bureau for External Cultural Relations. "It has also achieved great cultural development in recent years.

"The city's excellent cultural facilities as well as long experience in organizing grand activities make it a well-qualified host."

Representatives from more than 10 Asian countries including Japan, Mongolia and Thailand will attend the festival consisting of forums on cultural cooperation as well as performances.

"Ningbo used to be an important port on the ancient Maritime Silk Road and now is a key city in the Belt and Road Initiative," said Wang Jianyun, deputy secretary-general of the Ningbo government.

"This year's festival highlights the culture of Maritime Silk Road, which does not only fit the feature of Ningbo but also fit the common interest of people in Asia, as it states a promising prospect for cooperation among each other."