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Chinese couple enjoys their driving across countries

2017-09-06 22:18:00 (Beijing Time)


Luo Chan, at the wheel, and Ding Jie, in red, and their daughter pose for a photo in their car. [Photo provided to]

Six years ago Luo Chan and Ding Jie, a couple from Southwest China's Guizhou province, drove a car with Guizhou license plates across the Eurasian land mass and finally arrived in London.

The 21,682-kilometer journey across two continents took the couple two months.

In July this year they came back to Guizhou with their 4-year-old daughter after travelling through 18 countries. This time, the car that carried them was a vintage model with UK registration.

During their journey back home, the family raised money for a non-profit foundation, China Rural Kids Care, with the hope that the foundation could bring free medical insurance to children in the impoverished areas in their hometown. Their travels are far from an end.

"In early September, we will transport the car to North America by sea, and begin our new trip across the Americas from north to south," the couple said.

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