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25 favorite Chinese brands

2018-05-21 10:54:00 (Beijing Time)


The People's Daily app ranked a list of Chinese people's favorite homegrown brands based on online votes from half a million people.

According to the list, 25 domestic brands are honored with five titles: best taste, most potential, best looking, most popular and most time-honored.

Let's look at the 25 brands that made the list.

Pictured from the top right are home appliance giants Midea and Haier, smartphone and telecom equipment giant Huawei, and kitchen appliance makers Supor and Joyoung. (Photo/

Best taste

Based on customer feedback, volume of orders and sales, refund rates and sales revenue, Huawei, Supor, Haier, Midea and Joyoung have been named as the brands with the best taste.

According to the People's Daily app, people who use products from these brands tend to be more discerning as consumers.

Pictured from the top right are jewelry retailer Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, rice dumpling brand Wufangzhai, PC maker Mechrevo, snack supplier Three Squirrels and smartphone company Xiaomi's Mijia, a newly launched subbrand for its family of products. (Photo/

Most potential

Three Squirrels, Mechrevo, Mijia, Wufangzhai and Chow Tai Fook Enterprises are the brands with the most potential, as their sale volumes have all seen a remarkable year-on-year increase.

Pictured from the top right are smartphone makers Smartisan and Vivo, speaker and headphone producer Edifier, sportswear company Lining and menswear brand HLA. (Photo/

Best looking

Vivo, Lining, Smartisan, Edifier, and HLA are named the best looking brands. That's because they are changing people's views on China's domestic products, transforming them from outmoded to something fashionable.

Pictured from the top right are detergent maker Blue Moon, bottled water and beverage company Nongfu Spring, tech firm Xiaomi, smartphone maker Oppo and home appliance giant Gree. (Photo/

Most popular

Xiaomi, Nongfu Spring, Gree, Oppo and Blue Moon are the most popular brands, based on online search volumes.

Pictured from the top right are medical company Yunnan Baiyao, personal care brand Liushen, traditional Chinese medicine maker Tongrentang, liquor giant Moutai and food producer Nanfang Sesame Paste. (Photo/

Most time-honored

Moutai, Tongrentang Chinese Medicine, Liushen, Yunnan Baiyao and Nanfang Sesame Paste received the title of most time-honored, according to customer feedback, volume of orders and sales, and sales revenue.