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Spotlight: Israeli scientists optimistic about sci-tech cooperation with China

2018-05-31 03:46:41 (Beijing Time)


By Xinhua writers Chen Wenxian, Du Zhen

JERUSALEM, May 30 (Xinhua) -- Israeli scientists said they were optimistic about the prospects of science and technology cooperation between Israel and China.

China has achieved great progress in the efforts of pushing forward the science and technological innovation, they said in interviews with Xinhua on the sidelines of the International Conference for Science Ministers in Jerusalem from May 28 to 30.

It is really fantastic for the pace in which China has developed its science and technological innovation, said Ruth Arnon, former president of Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. "I believe that China would succeed in that way."

She is an Israeli biochemist known for the co-development of the multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone.

This is the first conference of its kind held in Israel led by the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology, which featured an exhibition of Israel's scientific achievements and discussions, attracting 25 science ministers and delegations from the world.

China is "doing great" in both the number of publications and the quality of publications in the science and technological field, said Arnon.

China's scientific policy is looking into the future and it will add many more accomplishments in the science into the future, Alexander Bligh, chief scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, told Xinhua.

In the eyes of Saul Singer, co-writer of the book "Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle," China has a lot of technological innovation going on and Chinese internet is basically the most advanced in the world with fast changes.

Singer told Xinhua that the Chinese government has been really pushing startups and innovation. Now a lot of big companies and thousands of startups have been established in China, he added.

In recent years, cooperation between Israel and China in the science and technological sector has become more and more eye-catching with the support of the governments from the two sides.

"It is amazing and it is great" for the cooperation, said Arnon. "I hope the cooperation will continue and become very stronger."

The two countries have conducted big science research projects and such cooperation is going on actively. Some Israeli universities including Israel Institute of Technology have joined hands with Chinese universities to establish research centers in China.

"China is a major partner of Israel in the field of science and we appreciate very much this cooperation," said Bligh. "The scientists we have been working with are super first class."

Singer deemed that there is "tremendous" opportunity for the cooperation between Israel and China in science and technology. "The strengths of China and the strengths of Israel combine very nicely," he said.

"The way to get this cooperation going is more Chinese people coming to Israel and more Israelis going to China," he added.