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Italy's industrial output in April decreases by 1.2 pct: statistics

2018-06-11 19:03:27 (Beijing Time)


by Alessandra Cardone

ROME, June 11 (Xinhua) -- Italy's industrial production decreased by 1.2 percent in April compared to March, the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) said on Monday.

The seasonally adjusted industrial output in February-April also dropped by 0.7 percent against the previous quarter.

"In the same month (April), a decrease was registered by other major European countries, such as Germany and Spain," the statistical agency explained in its report.

"On an annual base, the average of the first four months of 2018 -- calendar adjusted -- remains largely positive," it added.

In fact, the percentage change in the January-April period was 3.1 (basis points) compared to the same period of 2017.

Compared to the same month of 2017, the industrial production index in April grew by 1.9 percent.

More specifically, a major growth was registered in instrumental goods, which increased by 5.6 percent compared to April 2017; a lesser growth was shown by consumer goods (1.7 percent), while energy dropped by 0.6 percent according to ISTAT.

Still on the annual basis, the economic production sectors showing the strongest upward trend in April were "pharmaceutical products and preparations (11.1 percent), electrical equipment and non-electric domestic appliances (8.3 percent), and mechanical machinery and equipment (6.8 percent)," the agency stated.

On the contrary, wood and paper products (-4.1 percent), rubber, plastic, and non-metallic mineral products (-4.0 percent), and energy supplies (-1.9 percent) were those decreasing the most.