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State Council clarifies functional adjustment amid institutional reshuffle

2018-06-05 22:57:00 (Beijing Time)


BEIJING - The State Council released a document Tuesday to clarify the adjustment of administrative organ functions stipulated by administrative laws and regulations that have been affected by a large-scale institutional reform.

The document, signed by Premier Li Keqiang, specified the division of responsibilities among departments or entities at central and local levels during the transitional period when revisions have not yet aligned related laws and regulations with the reform.

It demanded timely efforts to ensure adjustment of administrative functions, and revision or abolishing of administrative laws and regulations involved.

According to the reform plan adopted in March, the State Council will consist of 26 ministries and commissions in addition to the General Office of the State Council after merging, restructuring, creation and dissolution.

Among the new entities are ministries for natural resources, veteran affairs and emergency management.