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Forum "New Archaeological Discoveries in China" held in Beijing

2017-1-11 14:53:07 (Beijing Time)


Photo taken on Dec. 20, 2015 shows Tanjialing of Neolithic Shijiahe site in Tianmen, central China's Hubei Province. Six selected important archaeological discoveries, including Niupodong cave site in Gui'an of Guizhou, Banlashan cemetery of the Hongshan Culture in Chaoyang of Liaoning, Neolithic Shijiahe site in Tianmen of Hubei, Huangchengtai at the Shimao site in Shenmu of Shaanxi, Bronze Age Jirentaigoukou site in Nilka of Xinjiang and Xizhucun Tomb of the CaoWei Period in Luoyang of Henan, were announced during the annual "New Archaeological Discoveries in China" Archaeology Forum in Beijing on Tuesday. (Xinhua/Li He)