China today

Tipping the scale: Beijing leads in obesity rate

2017-06-28 15:39:00

The obesity rate in northern China is significantly higher than that of southern China, with Beijing topping the scale, according to a recent report issued by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Full Story

'Le Le' the robot helping drug addicts

2017-06-28 15:15:00

A 2-meter-high robot is helping drug addicts kick the habit at a drug rehabilitation center in Guangdong. Full Story

Monkeys learn to live with cats at SW China zoo

2017-06-28 14:51:00

Cats and monkeys have turned out to make good roommates at a zoo in Kunming, Southwest China Yunnan province. Full Story

Full text of Chinese Premier Li's speech at New Champions 2017 annual meeting opening ceremony

2017-06-28 13:46:00

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2017, also known as the Summer Davos Forum, in Dalian. Full Story

President Xi says CICA meeting to contribute to regional peace

2017-06-28 13:32:00

President Xi Jinping said the non-governmental forum of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) will contribute to regional peace and stability, and common prosperity. Full Story

Free trade 'good medicine' for global recovery: Premier Li

2017-06-28 13:20:00

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday said free trade is a good medicine to help global economic recovery, calling for joint effort to promote a key pro-trade agreement of the World Trade Organization. Full Story

China's Internet Plus plan welcomes global participation: premier

2017-06-28 13:19:00

China's Internet Plus plan welcomes the participation of foreign enterprises, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday, vowing to open wider in the sector. Full Story

China, US inseparable community of shared interests: Premier Li

2017-06-28 12:16:00

Despite twists and turns, China and the United States have developed sound economic and trade relations, forming an inseparable community of shared interests, Premier Li Keqiang said Wednesday. Full Story

China contributes to solving global capacity glut: premier

2017-06-28 12:15:00

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Wednesday that China has made contributions to the international society in the reduction of excessive capacity. Full Story

China's reform welcomes foreign participation: premier

2017-06-28 12:14:00

China's reform needs the participation of foreign capital, companies and wisdom, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday, pledging easier access into the Chinese market and a level playing field. Full Story