China today

China launches first domestically developed aircraft carrier

2017-04-26 10:13:00

China officially launched its second -- and the first domestically developed -- aircraft carrier on Wednesday morning in Dalian, Liaoning province. Full Story

Working in high spirits

2017-04-26 09:22:00

Gao Ling tastes a cup of baijiu from a wine jar at the factory at Anhui Yingjia Distillery Co in Lu'an, Anhui province, April 25, 2017. [Photo by Song Wei/] Full Story

Ministry to oversee cleanup of dump sites in Hebei, Tianjin

2017-04-26 08:13:00

The Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Tuesday that it will supervise the treatment and restoration of polluted dump sites in Langfang, Hebei province, and Tianjin's Jinghai district. Full Story

Beautiful scenery of South China's Sansha city

2017-04-26 07:37:00

The city sees tourism as its main economic engine and administers three island groups -- the Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha -- along with surrounding waters. Full Story

Government tackles growing waste problem

2017-04-26 07:04:00

New measures have been announced that will require government offices, restaurants and businesses in 46 major cities to sort and separate all household trash, including hazardous waste, kitchen leftovers and recyclable materials, by 2020. Full Story

Photos help forge connections

2017-04-26 07:04:00

Yu Zhehao, a student majoring in journalism at Southwest University of Political Science and Law in Chongqing, seldom used his high-tech camera until he visited Nepal in February to take photos of earthquake victims. Full Story

Brave nurse takes lead in fight against scalpers

2017-04-26 07:04:00

A nurse in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, has been labeled a heroine by netizens after video footage of her catching a hospital scalper went viral. Full Story

Thai student eyes grain gains

2017-04-26 07:04:00

Three months from graduation, Nontipa Kla-ngam sees a golden opportunity as she wraps up her master's thesis on a free-trade agreement between Thailand and China. We are very proud of our rice and I wish more Chinese could try it, Nontipa said. Full Story

'Cash for trash' program raises people's awareness

2017-04-26 07:04:00

Every few days Liu Ying carries a bag of vegetable peelings and other kitchen waste to a small office and trades it for credits, rather than disposing of it in a trashcan. Full Story

25 Beijing underpasses undergo renovations

2017-04-26 07:03:00

Beijing will finish restoring 25 pedestrian underpasses this year along Chang'an Avenue, the capital's central thoroughfare, to upgrade their function and appearance. Full Story