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Guangxi strengthens road construction efforts in poor rural areas

2017-05-29 07:15:00

Guangxi strengthens road construction efforts in poor rural areas Full Story

Companies are gearing up for digital change: Pony Ma

2017-05-28 20:48:00

Pony Ma, chairman and chief executive officer of Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, said on Sunday that companies in the real economy are now gearing up for the digital transformation, in which Tencent will work as a connector to provide service Full Story

Shanghai dragon boat races draw crowds

2017-05-28 17:47:00

The two-day Phicomm Cup China Dragon Boat Open 2017 started in Shanghai on Saturday with competitors from home and abroad and hundreds of spectators. It's being held during the same time as the 14th Shanghai International Suzhou Creek Dragon Boat Invitat Full Story

New limits on Chinese officials seeking new jobs

2017-05-28 14:36:00

Chinese civil servants will face new restrictions when changing jobs as authorities move to prevent them from using official posts to make personal profit. Full Story

Top Ten Black Technologies list revealed

2017-05-28 11:24:00

A Top Ten Black Technologies list has been released at the 2017 China International Big Data Expo in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, stating how innovating the data industry helped to build a stronger, more intelligent life. Full Story

Double-digit fraud crime reduction in China

2017-05-28 09:53:00

Information systems co-constructed with IT enterprises in China have released information revealing a double-digit reduction in the amount of cyber fraud cases each month, from September 2016 to May. Full Story

China's space telescope to survey Milky Way

2017-05-28 09:12:00

Many black holes and neutron stars are thought to be hidden in the Milky Way. Since they don't emit visible light, or are covered by dust, only X-ray telescopes can find them. Full Story

Conquering poverty at the world's highest peak

2017-05-28 08:50:00

When she was young Dorlma saw Mount Qomolangma (Everest) through her bedroom window every morning when she woke up. Full Story

Aerobatics aircraft perform at air show in Henan

2017-05-28 07:54:00

Aerobatics aircraft perform at air show in Henan Full Story