China today

Beijing limits signs attached to top of buildings across city

2017-12-05 07:59:00

The Beijing city management authority is limiting the number and placement of signs on buildings in order to create an urban skyline that is visually clear and bright, and strengthen urban management. Full Story

Air Force units explore new airspace

2017-12-05 07:59:00

The People's Liberation Army Air Force recently sent its electronic intelligence aircraft to conduct long-range training over the Yellow and East China seas, according to Senior Colonel Shen Jinke, spokesman for the PLA Air Force, on Monday. Full Story

FTZ simplifies process to launch businesses

2017-12-05 07:58:00

A fool's errand, a woman named Song Min sighed with a forced smile, standing in the busy hall of the Government Affairs Center of the Free Trade Zone of Pudong New District, after finding all procedures of registering a liquor store in Shanghai can be do Full Story

Call for 'Red Boat Spirit' a noble goal, official says

2017-12-05 07:36:00

General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on carrying forward revolutionary spirit such as that embodied in Red Boat Spirit should be implemented earnestly amid the Party's efforts to strive toward fulfilling the goals set at the 19th CPC National Con Full Story

CMC says armed forces should study Xi's second book on governance

2017-12-04 23:31:00

All units of the People's Liberation Army and armed police should study President Xi Jinping's new book on governance, according to a notice made public Monday by the general office of the Central Military Commission (CMC). Full Story

Joint action nabs gambling suspects in South China

2017-12-04 21:04:00

Guangdong police detained 48 suspected gamblers after busting a major cross-border online gambling case in cooperation with their Hong Kong counterparts in a special operation launched on Sunday. Full Story

China dismisses Japanese mayor's proposed name change of Diaoyu Islands

2017-12-04 19:39:00

China said Monday that the proposed name change of the Diaoyu Islands by a Japanese mayor would not change the fact that they belong to China. Full Story

Chinese courts told to make Yangtze River a priority

2017-12-04 18:00:00

China's top court has ordered judges to do more research in environmental cases related to the Yangtze River, to better protect the area and ensure justice is done. Full Story