Military news

Navy, telecoms to install 4G+ on South China Sea islands

2018-02-05 14:07:00

The Chinese navy and telecommunication corporations are cooperating to upgrade communications on some South China Sea islands and reefs, the official People's Liberation Army (PLA) Daily reported. Full Story

China slams U.S. nuclear posture review

2018-02-05 09:00:00

The U.S. defining China as a threat in its latest nuclear posture review is an excuse to develop even more nuclear weapons when Washington already possesses the world's strongest deterrent. Full Story

China mourns servicemen who died in military plane crash

2018-02-05 08:57:00

A ceremony was held Sunday at a military base in southwest China's Guizhou Province to mourn the air force servicemen who lost their lives in a recent military plane crash. Full Story

Tech, training key to upgrading China's military forces: analysts

2018-02-05 08:30:00

Technological innovation and training are the most important factors for transforming China's forces "into a world-class military," experts noted. Full Story

Russia strikes back after fighter jet downed, pilot killed

2018-02-04 15:12:00

Massive Russian air strikes have killed at least 30 militants in northwest Syria, where a Russian fighter jet was shot down, Russia's Defense Ministry said in a statement Saturday. Full Story

China firmly opposes U.S. Nuclear Posture Review: spokesman

2018-02-04 12:39:00

China firmly opposes the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) published by the United States Department of Defense, a spokesman of China's National Defense Ministry said Sunday. Full Story

Pentagon updates nuclear posture review seeking enhanced deterrent

2018-02-04 12:38:00

The U.S. Defense Ministry on Friday officially published the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), the guiding principle for the future U.S. policy seeking enhanced nuclear deterrent which is already the world's most powerful. Full Story

Russian pilot killed after plane downed in Syria: defense ministry

2018-02-04 09:07:00

A Russian pilot was killed after his plane was shot down by militants in Syria's Province of Idlib, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Saturday. Full Story

Russia marks 75th anniversary of WWII turning point

2018-02-02 16:09:00

Russia is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory in the Battle of Stalingrad with a series of events in the southern city of Volgograd. Full Story

Indian Navy sub no match for expanding Chinese fleet: military specialist

2018-02-02 11:22:00

The Indian Navy's third domestically manufactured Scorpene class submarine launched Wednesday cannot compare for quality and quantity with the rapidly upgrading Chinese navy. Full Story