Military news

China reveals new military mission in Bohai, Yellow seas

2018-04-28 09:06:00

A Chinese provincial maritime authority on Friday announced another weeklong military mission in the Bohai and Yellow seas, after military missions in the same area end on Saturday. Full Story

Military mission to be conducted in N Yellow Sea from April 27 to May 4

2018-04-27 16:56:00

China will conduct a military mission in the northern part of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Strait from April 27, 4 pm local time to May 4, 4 pm and a no entrance zone will be marked during the mission period, according to Liaoning Maritime Safety Administrati Full Story

Boeing wins 427 million-dollar contract for maintenance of U.S. navy's F/A-18 jets

2018-04-27 13:47:00

U.S. aerospace giant Boeing on Thursday was awarded a five-year contract worth 427 million U.S. dollars for depot maintenance of the U.S. Navy's F/A-18 jets. Full Story

Stabilizing China-India military ties people's shared aspiration: National Defense Ministry

2018-04-27 08:53:00

Stabilizing military relations between China and India and maintaining peace in the border areas are the shared aspirations of people from both countries, according to Wu Qian, spokesperson with China's Ministry of National Defense, on Thursday. Full Story

Beijing warns Taiwan of 'further action'

2018-04-27 08:32:00

The Defense Ministry warned Taiwan separatists on Thursday that their secession efforts are "dead ends" and the Chinese military will take further action if they continue their "reckless activities". Full Story

SCO military tattoo staged at the Great Wall

2018-04-27 08:00:00

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has held military musical performances at the foot of the Great Wall. Full Story

China, Russia to hold joint naval exercise this year

2018-04-27 03:05:00

China and Russia plan to hold a joint naval exercise in waters near the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao this year, Wu Qian, spokesperson for China's Defense Ministry, said Thursday. Full Story

Chinese PLA air force conducts island patrol training

2018-04-27 03:03:00

A Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) air force formation conducted island patrols during training on Thursday morning. Full Story

Chinese aircraft carrier formation returns after live-fire drills

2018-04-26 22:54:00

China's Liaoning aircraft carrier formation Thursday returned to a military port in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, after more than 10 days of live-fire exercises. Full Story

Dongfeng-26 ballistic missile commissioned: Defense Ministry

2018-04-26 22:44:00

The Dongfeng-26 ballistic missile has been commissioned into the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force, said Wu Qian, spokesperson with China's Defense Ministry, on Thursday. Full Story