Economic review

U.S. industrial growth rate reaches high level: report

2018-09-11 06:43:07

The U.S. Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) survey for August highlighted a sharp output expansion for the industrial sector, and the growth rate accelerated to one of the fastest since March 2015, according to data released by the IHS Markit on Monday. Full Story

Strong British GDP growth figures endorse central bank decision to raise rates

2018-09-11 06:23:04

The British economy is performing well despite the uncertainties of the Brexit process, with increased strength going into the third quarter of the year -- performance which appears to endorse the central bank's decision to raise the bank rate at the beg Full Story

Brazilian market reduces growth forecast to 1.4 pct for 2018

2018-09-11 05:53:00

Brazil's financial market reduced its GDP growth forecast from 1.44 to 1.4 percent for this year, the country's Central Bank (BC) said on Monday. Full Story

China "undisputed leader" in energy transition: report

2018-09-10 18:59:52

China is an "undisputed leader" in the world's energy transition as the country is transforming its energy mix to sustain rapid economic growth and protect local environments and the global climate, leading energy and shipping certification agency DNV Full Story

Alibaba chairman Jack Ma to retire in 2019

2018-09-10 09:47:33

Alibaba co-founder and chairman Jack Ma on Monday announced in an open letter that he would step down a year later, when the company CEO Daniel Zhang will take over as the chairman of the board. Full Story

China's cross-border e-commerce turnover to top USD1.3 trln in 2018

2018-09-09 19:14:20

China's cross-border e-commerce is forecast to see turnover top 9 trillion yuan (1.3 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2018, according to a report released by the China E-Commerce Association. Full Story

China Focus: Tourism booming at World's Third Pole

2018-09-09 17:28:53

The year 2018 is essential for Tibet's tourism industry as the regional government is making efforts to boost the all-for-one tourism to enhance the land's charm as a tourist destination at the Third Pole of the world. Full Story

Chinese private firms eye great potential in Africa

2018-09-09 14:08:22

Chinese private firms have been showing growing interests in expanding their businesses in Africa, multiple entrepreneurs said at a recent Sino-Africa economic summit. Full Story

Austrian imports, exports both up over 5 pct during 1H

2018-09-08 02:47:33

Austria's foreign trade has flourished in the first half of 2018 with both imports and exports increasing by over five percent, Statistics Austria stated on Friday. Full Story

Trading of Chinese yuan to be allowed on wider range

2018-09-08 00:06:53

Buying and selling Chinese currency, yuan, will be allowed on a wider range in the future, as China stands firm on promoting financial opening up, the central bank said Friday. Full Story