Economic review

Chinese banks record net forex purchase in April

2018-05-18 21:22:00

Chinese commercial banks recorded a net foreign exchange purchase in April, and forex market supply and demand remained balanced, the country's forex regulator said Friday. Full Story

China becoming rising source market for Dubai tourism

2018-05-18 21:19:00

China is becoming an emerging source market for Dubai's tourism sector and the Middle East city has stepped up partnerships with Chinese firms to tap the world's largest outbound tourism market, according to Dubai's tourism authority. Full Story

China's wider manufacturing opening up benefits world

2018-05-18 21:11:00

The constant widening of opening up in China's manufacturing sector will not only help domestic industrial upgrading but benefit all foreign companies, industry experts say. Full Story

Hema to expand offerings using regional restaurant operators

2018-05-18 15:30:00

Alibaba’s Hema Fresh market, which features seafood, prepared food and groceries, aims to diversify its catering offerings by working with regional restaurant operators. Full Story

Local brands dominate list of China's most chosen

2018-05-18 15:15:00

Local brands dominated the list of the top 10 most chosen brands in China as new entrants successfully expanded their customer bases with new product launches, a recent report says. Full Story

iQiyi to upgrade AI and VR after Nasdaq IPO

2018-05-18 14:53:00

Online video platform iQiyi, which issued its Nasdaq IPO to raise US$2.25 billion in March, plans to establish a digital entertainment empire through business expansion and technology upgrades, including VR and AI technologies. Full Story

China rides waves of artificial intelligence

2018-05-18 14:43:00

Machines that can impeccably synthesize the human voice, assist judges in sentencing, and tell customers whether a dress is a good fit, have been displayed at the second World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin. Full Story

Beijing closes 20,000 unqualified online food providers

2018-05-18 14:34:00

Illegal activities have led to the closure of 20,000 online food providers that did business on China’s three major web platforms C, Meituan and Baidu C following a recent supervision campaign, according to the Beijing Food and Drug Administration. Full Story

Global warehouse robotics market to hit $5 bln by 2023: report

2018-05-18 14:25:00

The global warehouse robotics market is expected to grow by 11.6 percent in the next five years to reach 5.186 billion U.S. dollars by 2023, a market research agency said Thursday. Full Story

China's new energy automakers dealing with subsidy cut

2018-05-18 13:35:00

Over the past months, many new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturers in China have found themselves in an unfamiliar situation: sales continue to increase, but profits are significantly declining. Full Story