Strategic observation

News Analysis: U.S.-Israel ties see major reset with Trump's visit to Jerusalem

2017-05-24 01:07:56

The U.S. relationship with Israel saw a major reset with U.S. President Donald Trump's first visit to Israel, breaking with the last eight years of chilled ties under the Obama administration. Full Story

Interview: More Greek-Sino cooperation expected under Belt and Road Initiative: vice minister

2017-05-24 00:42:34

After the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation hosted in Beijing on May 14-15 and the successful cooperation at Greece's largest Piraeus port, the future of Sino-Greek cooperation in all sectors will be bright, Greek Economy and Development Full Story

News Analysis: Egypt moves to stabilize economy by curbing inflation

2017-05-23 23:05:52

Egypt's Central bank raised its interest rates by 200 basis points on Sunday, citing the move would "anchor inflation." Full Story

Interview: Chile shares China's vision of integrated future, says Chilean FM

2017-05-23 12:48:04

As the world's most dynamic economy, China is carving a vision of an integrated future that Chile hopes to be a part of, Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz has said. Full Story

News Analysis: Trump's Middle East visit could be a start for a new peace process

2017-05-23 00:00:22

The ongoing visit of U.S. President Donald Trump to the Middle East, mainly to Israel and the Palestinian territories, could be a start for launching a new peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians, according to analysts. Full Story

Commentary: From B&R forum to BRICS summit, China rises to global challenges with win-win solutions

2017-05-22 22:24:13

As the world lauded the achievements of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation earlier this month in rebalancing economic globalization, China's approach to global governance and development is becoming ever more evident via win-win cooper Full Story

Xinhua Insight: Horgos transforms from backwater to boomtown

2017-05-22 22:24:12

Horgos, a 136-year-old border crossing, was once a small and forgotten town in western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, along the border with Kazakhstan. Full Story

China Exclusive: The ancient and modern treasures of the South China Sea

2017-05-22 12:53:17

Anyone lucky enough to stroll on the white sands of Nanshazhou, a tiny islet in the middle of the South China Sea, should not be surprised to come across fragments of ceramics, hundreds of years old. Full Story

News Analysis: President Trump's first Saudi visit aims to defeat Islamic State

2017-05-22 05:30:31

U.S. President Donald Trump's first trip to Saudi Arabia, which kicked off on Saturday, aims to strengthen the U.S. ties with its Mideast ally and destroy the terror group Islamic State (IS). Full Story