Strategic observation

Commentary: Accusation of China meddling in U.S. internal affairs absurd

2018-10-23 08:27:46

Washington's recent accusation of China interfering in the United States' internal affairs is an utter absurdity aimed at distracting public attention from its domestic troubles. Full Story

Xinhua Headlines: China considers tougher law against counterfeit drugs

2018-10-23 00:05:46

Chinese lawmakers began reviewing a draft amendment to the Drug Administration Law on Monday, which toughens penalties for offenders as the country cracks down on counterfeit drugs and better regulates the industry. Full Story

Feature: A mega-project that bridges the gaps

2018-10-22 18:59:18

Traffic jams are nothing new in China, and during national holidays, the roads can get unbearably congested as millions travel across the country to be with family and friends. Full Story

Economic Watch: China moves to boost investor confidence, stock market rallies

2018-10-22 18:44:15

Chinese stocks surged Monday after policy makers moved to boost confidence in the stock market and pledged to enact measures to ensure its healthy development. Full Story

Spotlight: China's vision, action to build community with shared future inspire world

2018-10-22 18:19:05

China's vision and action to build a community with a shared future for mankind are inspiring the world to pursue common development, sustainable prosperity and long-term stability. Full Story

Feature: Test your DNA, for health and for fun

2018-10-22 15:23:25

Know thyself and you will know the universe, said the ancient Greeks. One way to do that now is DNA analysis. Full Story

China Focus: China quickly embracing VR amid tech boom

2018-10-21 22:55:47

What will replace smartphones in becoming our most indispensable gadget in daily and digital life? Full Story

Economic Watch: China able to cope with economic challenges: experts

2018-10-21 21:55:35

Despite challenges at home and abroad, China is able to maintain a stable economic performance with the help of pro-growth policies, experts said. Full Story

Spotlight: Experts call on Eurasian countries to uphold multilateralism, oppose protectionism

2018-10-21 20:25:20

Following Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's speech at the 12th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit, European experts called on Eurasian countries to collectively safeguard the global multilateral trade system and oppose rising unilateralism and protectionism. Full Story

Feature: Expert urges French government to ban sunbeds for cancer risk

2018-10-21 20:25:20

The French national health and safety watchdog ANSES has advised the government to ban electronic sunbeds and sunlamps to prevent people from developing the most deadly form of skin cancer. Full Story