Strategic observation

Spotlight: Over 300 "predator priests" accused of sexually abusing children in U.S. Pennsylvania

2018-08-15 04:56:21

More than 300 "predator priests" from six Catholic dioceses across eastern U.S. state of Pennsylvania have been accused of sexually abusing over 1,000 children, according to a new grand jury report released Tuesday. Full Story

News Analysis: Italy bridge collapse tragedy could force new policies on infrastructure

2018-08-15 02:55:51

Tuesday's deadly collapse of a bridge is likely to cause the Italian government to reevaluate policies on infrastructure development and maintenance, analysts said. Full Story

Feature: China's e-commerce knowhow helps Filipinos go cash-free

2018-08-14 19:49:09

In just a few clicks on her smartphone, Jeanalyn Barata paid her electricity, water and internet bills this month through a mobile wallet app called GCash. Full Story

China Focus: Farmers earn money by cultivating endangered trees

2018-08-14 19:19:00

Wan Liyun, son of a lumberjack in east China's Jiangxi Province, has found a way to earn money by cultivating trees rather than cutting them down. Full Story

News Analysis: Absence of full cease-fire deal keeps Gaza on verge of war

2018-08-14 19:03:56

Palestinian observers believe that the repeated field tension and Israel's mounting threats of a large-scale military operation keep the situation in the Gaza Strip at stake without comprehensive solutions looming on the horizon. Full Story

Economic Watch: China's economy on solid footing despite external headwinds

2018-08-14 18:53:51

The Chinese economy remains on a solid footing despite a more complicated domestic and external environment, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Full Story

China Focus: Chinese scientists intend to chase solar eclipse in space

2018-08-14 18:38:46

Total solar eclipses formed by the moon shadowing the sun are spectacular opportunities for scientists to observe the sun's corona, but too short and rare to capture. Full Story

Feature: Turkish people feeling pain, showing solidarity amid lira crisis

2018-08-13 22:19:02

"I am exhausted. My shop is empty. I have no sales at all for over two weeks now," said a shop owner with tears in central Istanbul on Monday. Full Story

Feature: Terrified Afghans leaving embattled Ghazni city for safer places

2018-08-13 22:19:02

"The situation in Ghazni city is extremely horrific, everywhere you see destruction, killing, burning, smoke and bombing," a fleeing Ghazni resident Abdul Ahmad, 26, murmured. Full Story

News Analysis: Massive Taliban offensive on Ghazni city a maneuver to demonstrate power: local analysts

2018-08-13 21:48:56

Taliban militants in a surprise move launched massive and multi-pronged attacks on the strategically important Ghazni city, capital of Afghanistan's eastern Ghazni province over the weekend. Full Story