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Spotlight: China files second highest number of intellectual patent applications in 2017

2018-03-21 22:02:00

China moved into second position as an international patent application source filed via the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2017, while two Chinese companies were the top filers, WIPO said Wednesday. Full Story

Feature: China laments demise of last male northern white rhino

2018-03-21 21:01:37

People all over China are grieving after the world's last male northern white rhinoceros departed from the planet Monday, and called for better protection for Africa's megafauna. Full Story

Weeks of violent exchanges increase Israeli-Palestinian tension in never-ending conflict

2018-03-21 20:26:31

Weeks of violent exchanges between Israelis and Palestinians have increased the tensions between the two sides in what appears to be yet another wave of violence in the never-ending conflict. Full Story

Feature: Young Chinese search for a good night's sleep

2018-03-21 19:16:11

Doctor Sun Wei recalls a patient who downed a bottle of sleeping pills four years ago. The anxious family thought it was a suicide bid, but the patient said he just wanted to sleep. Full Story

Spotlight: Chinese investors become increasingly important part of Israel's start-up communities

2018-03-21 17:40:52

Chinese investors, who are "very active" in seeking opportunities in Israel's high-tech industry, are becoming an increasingly important part of Israel's start-up communities. Full Story

Spotlight: Japan's Abe claims innocent, vows to investigate land deal scandal as opposition steps up offensive

2018-03-20 20:01:05

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who is currently embroiled in a cut-price land deal scandal said on Tuesday he hoped to regain the public's rapidly eroding trust. Full Story

China Focus: New hi-tech zones inject vitality to China's innovation drive

2018-03-20 18:50:47

Long and big-bellied Rongchang pigs provide ideal pork for a Chinese delicacy named Huiguorou, or stir-fried pork slices in spicy sauce, but the fame of the pig breed is transcending the catering industry. Full Story

Xinhua Headlines: Japan's Abe mired in cronyism scandal, facing increasing calls for cabinet's resignation

2018-03-20 01:42:37

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has been under fire amid a deepening cronyism and document-tampering scandal, which has drastically brought down his cabinet's approval ratings, while people staged protests across Japan calling for the cabinet's resignation. Full Story

Across China: Rural tourism draws villagers back to thrive

2018-03-17 20:24:02

More than 800 villagers have returned home to start their own businesses in central China's Hubei Province since a string of favorable policies were introduced to revitalize the rural economy last year. Full Story

Economic Watch: China speeds up stock listing reform to attract "unicorns"

2018-03-17 15:28:14

The "Unicorn" has become a much chased creature in China's investment world. Full Story