Strategic observation

Economic Watch: China's high quality growth underpins world economic recovery

2018-01-23 16:47:30

Optimism over a broad-based global recovery is gaining momentum in Davos, Switzerland, where policymakers and economists around the world have gathered to discuss a "shared future" at the ongoing World Economic Forum. Full Story

China Focus: Provincial "two sessions" open after key CPC congress

2018-01-22 23:22:44

China is entering the local "two sessions" season as annual legislative sessions opened in Anhui, Beijing, Henan, Hunan, Jiangxi and Xinjiang on Monday. Other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are scheduled to begin legislative sessions t Full Story

Spotlight: German SPD gives greenlight to formal coalition talks with Merkel

2018-01-22 03:47:37

Delegates from Germany's center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) on Sunday voted in favor of formal coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel-led Conservatives Union. Full Story

Interview: China's commitment to int'l dialogue, cooperation vital, WEF founder says

2018-01-21 21:36:21

For creating a shared future in a fractured world, China's continued commitment to international dialogue and cooperation is vital, Klaus Schwab, founder and chief executive of the World Economic Forum (WEF), told Xinhua in a recent interview. Full Story

Commentary: Gov't shutdown exposes chronic flaw in U.S. political system

2018-01-21 10:04:19

Washington loves to brand itself as a "shining city on the hill", yet the latest government shutdown in the heart of Western democracy has once again exposed its chronic flaws. Full Story

News Analysis: Will Finland give its incumbent president second term?

2018-01-20 05:59:05

With the Finnish Presidential Election Day barely ten days away, the current president Sauli Niinisto enjoys a level of popularity which is higher than any of his recent predecessors. Full Story

Spotlight: Mixed feelings over U.S. economy after Trump presidency one year later

2018-01-19 11:04:33

Stimulated by deregulation and tax cuts promises made by President Donald Trump, who took office one year ago, the U.S. economy gained steam in 2017 and the growth momentum is widely expected to continue this year. Full Story

Spotlight: Pence's Middle East trip unlikely to subdue rising rage over U.S. policy

2018-01-19 11:04:33

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will start a trip on Friday to the Middle East including stops in Egypt, Jordan and Israel. The upcoming tour is likely to be bumpy and will do little to mollify the rising rage in the region over America's Palestinian poli Full Story

Spotlight: 2017 hottest non-El Nino year amid long-term warming

2018-01-19 04:38:14

Last year was the hottest year on record without a warming El Nino event, according to reports published Thursday by multiple agencies, revealing a clear signal of continuing, human-caused climate change on our planet. Full Story

News Analysis: Dutch face challenges to balance Berlin-Paris axis for deeper EU integration

2018-01-18 23:01:17

With Berlin and Paris stepping up efforts to drive forward pro-federal European Union (EU) reforms following a preliminary coalition deal in Germany between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Social Democrats (SPD), the Netherlands, which prefers a more lib Full Story