Strategic observation

Commentary: Closer China-Germany ties crucial in uncertain world

2018-05-23 13:02:30

In a world where free trade ideas and multilateral practices are trampled on easily, cooperation between China and Germany, two major stabilizers in the international community, is more eye-catching than ever. Full Story

Spotlight: IS militants resort to suicide bombings before defeat in southern Damascus

2018-05-23 06:26:08

Islamic State (IS) militants resorted to suicide bombings at the last stage of Syrian Army's final battles to liberate IS strongholds in south of Syrian capital Damascus. Full Story

China Focus: Shanghai Spirit - strong momentum behind steady SCO development

2018-05-22 22:24:16

As the bedrock of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the "Shanghai Spirit" has showed strong vitality and will continue to promote solidarity among member countries and raise the organization's influence, a new report said. Full Story

Spotlight: Chinese enterprises' expanding foreign presence invigorates global value chain

2018-05-22 17:27:48

Every year from late April to June, Thailand's fruit of the season, durian, can be delivered to China in just 120 hours through a direct route between the two countries for the delivery of fresh products. Yet thanks to Chinese enterprises' intelligent l Full Story

Economic Watch: China eyes clean development via green finance

2018-05-22 16:47:37

China is leveraging financial tools to help green its society and economy. Full Story

Spotlight: Close collaboration brings together British, Chinese cities

2018-05-21 20:53:17

Almost 8,200 km separate, Changchun in northeast China's Jilin Province and the English city of Sheffield, both described as "rust belt" areas, brought together by close collaboration between their universities. Full Story

Xinhua Headlines: China launches relay satellite to explore Moon's far side

2018-05-21 12:16:10

China launched a relay satellite early Monday to set up a communication link between Earth and the planned Chang'e-4 lunar probe that will explore the Moon's mysterious far side. Full Story

Positive China-U.S. trade consultations in the interests of both countries and world

2018-05-20 22:04:04

The trade consultations between China and the United States in Washington D.C. are in line with the interests of not only both countries, but the whole world, analysts said. Full Story

China's measures to cut trade surplus good for world economy: U.S. economist

2018-05-20 19:13:41

China has implemented measures to cut its trade surplus and restructure its economy, which is good for the world economy, Adam Posen, president of Peterson Institute of International Economics (PIIE), told Xinhua in an interview. Full Story

Profile: Butcher abandons pigs to carve buddhas in SW China

2018-05-20 16:08:09

There is no smooth road to becoming an artist. When Liu Nengfeng decided to put down the butcher knife and hide away in caves with his engraving tools, people rolled their eyes and wrote him off as a lunatic. Full Story