Strategic observation

China Focus: Outbound tourism expands during reform and opening-up

2018-05-20 15:18:01

The island of Islay in Scotland is likely to receive more tourists from China, though it has few famous museums or luxury shopping centers. Full Story

Commentary: China determined to advance ecological civilization

2018-05-20 14:17:52

China has demonstrated its resolute determination in environmental protection by vowing on Saturday to fight a good battle against pollution and push ecological civilization to a new level. Full Story

Spotlight: Assad meeting with Putin mulls Syria's future of political solution

2018-05-20 02:41:02

Perhaps the major two points of Syria's future political solution are the withdrawal of foreign forces from Syria and the making of a new constitution, or enhancing the current one. Full Story

Interview: Chinese language learning helps American students to embrace future

2018-05-19 20:24:39

"Monolingual in our country is dangerous to our future, we need to connect with the rest of the world and the most important place for us to connect is China, China is America's future," Howard A. Stephenson repeated his opinion in an exclusive intervi Full Story

Interview: China provides strong support for South-South cooperation, says UN official

2018-05-19 14:13:35

A UN South-South cooperation official said Friday that although China's per capita income is still lower than that of many developed countries, the rapid development over 40 years of Reform and Opening Up policy has made China a leader in promoting South Full Story

Feature: Night at the museum brings ancient culture to life

2018-05-18 22:09:39

The ancient past was brought to life at the China Jiangnan Water Town Culture Museum in Hangzhou in celebration of the 42nd International Museum Day on Friday. Full Story

Economic Watch: China's wider manufacturing opening up benefits world

2018-05-18 21:04:19

The constant widening of opening up in China's manufacturing sector will not only help domestic industrial upgrading but benefit all foreign companies, industry experts say. Full Story

Across China: Diverse events in China celebrate International Museum Day

2018-05-18 20:49:17

"Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival," one of China's most renowned paintings, was brought to life on Friday, the 42nd International Museum Day. Full Story

Xinhua Headlines: China rides waves of artificial intelligence

2018-05-18 13:52:16

Machines that can impeccably synthesize the human voice, assist judges in sentencing, and tell customers whether a dress is a good fit, have been displayed at the second World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin. Full Story

Spotlight: Sentence of Turkish banker adds another dent in strained U.S.-Turkish ties

2018-05-18 05:30:14

The U.S. sentence on a Turkish banker for violating U.S. sanctions on Iran, despite Turkey's warnings, is viewed as an additional source of tension in the already strained relationship between the two NATO partners. Full Story