Strategic observation

News Analysis: President Trump's first Saudi visit aims to defeat Islamic State

2017-05-22 05:30:31

U.S. President Donald Trump's first trip to Saudi Arabia, which kicked off on Saturday, aims to strengthen the U.S. ties with its Mideast ally and destroy the terror group Islamic State (IS). Full Story

Xinhua Insight: Light of Hope: Chinese officials mobilized for grassroots poverty relief

2017-05-21 09:32:16

"If you cannot help us fix the road, then don't bother us again," Li Chaoyang was told during his first visit to Hekou Village in east China's Anhui Province. Full Story

Spotlight: Eastern Syria under spotlight with main players racing for more gains

2017-05-20 06:21:16

The Syrian army is shifting its focus toward securing the triangle of the Jordanian and Iraqi borders in southern Syria as such areas are crucial for the army to cut off the rebel supply lines and secure border areas against the Islamic State (IS) group a Full Story

Xinhua Insight: What has DPP brought to Taiwan over the past year?

2017-05-20 00:22:13

A notice pasted on the wall of a once-popular restaurant in Taipei reads: Thanks to our "benevolent" administrators, we will be shut down from May 25. Full Story

Interview: Belt and Road initiative promising for global prosperity: Lithuanian expert

2017-05-19 23:51:50

The Belt and Road initiative gives the world strong hope that a peaceful world is an achievable goal, said a Lithuanian expert. Full Story

China Exclusive: 2,000-yr-old rock carving reveals China's ancient astronomy

2017-05-19 22:25:43

After two years of research, archaeologists Friday confirmed astronomical engravings had been found on a 2,000-year-old rock carving in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Full Story

Xinhua Insight: From G20 Hangzhou Summit to Belt and Road forum, Xi's global prominence on the rise

2017-05-16 01:00:17

He is known as the helmsman of the world's second-largest economy and chief of the largest political party as well as an ardent champion of globalization and an enthusiastic football fan. Full Story

Interview: Belt and Road Initiative offers enormous opportunities to all countries involved, says Greek businessman

2017-05-15 10:45:10

The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative offers enormous opportunities for all the countries involved and Greek business community warmly supports all the efforts to deepen the two countries' cooperation under this context, President of the Greek-Chin Full Story

Belt and Road Initiative provides opportunity for whole world -- experts

2017-05-14 22:48:19

The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by China provides opportunities for the whole world to promote peace and prosperity, experts in Bangladesh said Sunday. Full Story