Strategic observation

"Anti-immigrant" Italy no stranger to immigration

2018-10-12 02:19:50

Immigration was a hot-button issue in Italy's national election earlier this year, but the country has been no stranger to the phenomenon over the past seven decades, according to a new study presented by the National Research Council (CNR) earlier this Full Story

News Analysis: Egypt, Greece, Cyprus summit possible nucleus for broader regional cooperation

2018-10-11 23:44:14

The sixth summit that gathered the leaders of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus on Wednesday shows that their cooperation mechanism is likely to become a nucleus for boarder regional cooperation, said Egyptian political experts. Full Story

Spotlight: Pyongyang's reasonable demands for safety should be responded

2018-10-11 23:09:06

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo paid his third visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Sunday. Full Story

Spotlight: Lebanon's prices of residential apartments down due to low demand

2018-10-11 22:28:55

Prices of Lebanon's residential apartments have seen a remarkable drop in the past year due to the decrease in demand by Lebanese expatriates and residents, real estate developers told Xinhua on Thursday. Full Story

Spotlight: Erdogan sets election in Syria as precondition for Turkey's withdrawal

2018-10-11 21:38:42

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his country will not leave Syria until a general election is held in the war-torn country, signaling that Turkish military would continue to stay in its neighbor country for an undetermined amount of time. Full Story

Economic Watch: China's further opening up delivers greater business opportunities

2018-10-11 20:38:30

Opening up, a commitment China has and will continue to follow, will generate new opportunities for the common prosperity of the country and the world. Full Story

Economic Watch: Financial innovation helps small Chinese businesses ease financing difficulty

2018-10-11 19:58:21

Small and micro businesses in China often have difficulty getting loans, although they play an important role in the national economy. Full Story

Spotlight: 1st step of Syria's demilitarized zone deal finishes amid doubts of full implementation

2018-10-11 18:12:54

As the Russian-Turkish demilitarized zone deal has finished its first step of withdrawing rebels' heavy weapons from the planned zone, doubts still shadow the full implementation of the deal, analysts said. Full Story

Across China: "Toilet revolution" brings healthy lifestyle to western China

2018-10-11 15:37:28

Lantian County in northwest China's Shaanxi Province has recently launched a project to help rebuild and upgrade household toilets in rural areas. Full Story

Spotlight: Rising rates fear, tech sell-off lead to U.S. stocks plunge

2018-10-11 07:51:21

Fears of rising rates and a pivot out of technology shares were the main reasons for the plunge of three major U.S. stock indices on Wednesday. Full Story