Strategic observation

Xinhua Insight: High attention on China, Europe looks to the East for opportunities

2018-01-31 20:06:49

The exchanges with Europe have became a highlight of China's diplomacy recently. Analysts believe closer China-Europe interaction signals that Europe values China's influence on global affairs and longs for closer cooperation with it. Full Story

Commentary: Time to shine "Golden Era" for China-Britain ties brighter

2018-01-31 09:13:22

Rarely is an official visit by a British prime minister to China so much anticipated after reported delays since early last year thanks to major uncertainties at home. Now it's real. Full Story

Interview: Former senior AU official hails FOCAC as "crucial" platform of China-Africa partnership

2018-01-31 03:26:53

The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) is a crucial platform that advances Sino-African partnership, said Erastus Mwencha, former Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission. Full Story

Interview: Siemens senior executive praises Belt and Road, China's innovation achievements

2018-01-30 21:40:02

Industrial manufacturer Siemens AG aims to deepen cooperation with China in the Belt and Road Initiative and technological innovation, a Siemens senior executive has said. Full Story

Commentary: China-Britain partnership goes beyond trade ties

2018-01-30 21:19:58

While some media reports have set the tune for British Prime Minister Theresa May's visit to China as one to secure post-Brexit trade, they seem to ignore the facts that a stronger China-Britain relationship means more than just trade. Full Story

Commentary: Tokyo needs more than words to better China ties

2018-01-30 20:39:44

As the China-Japan relationship has in recent days showed on a number of occasional signs of improving, it is hoped that Tokyo can convert words into actions to encourage the momentum. Full Story

China Focus: China to better safeguard private data with new regulation

2018-01-30 20:04:32

A regulation on personal information security was published online in late January and will take effect in May. Full Story

News Analysis: No change expected in Finnish foreign, security policies as Niinisto enters 2nd term

2018-01-30 07:21:26

Entering his second term this week, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said on Monday he wants the European Union (EU) members to clarify their views of the security guarantees laid out in the Lisbon Treaty. Full Story

China Focus: Local structural reform points to high-quality growth

2018-01-29 22:49:21

Quality has outweighed pure speed in economic growth in the eyes of local government officials as China deepens its structural supply-side reform. Full Story

Economic Watch: China takes tougher line on financial risks

2018-01-29 21:03:52

A century-old Chinese bank became the latest target of a tightening financial clean-up in the world's second largest economy. Full Story