Strategic observation

Spotlight: Cooperation under China's BRI accelerates Sri Lanka's port industry development

2018-11-01 23:26:47

China-Sri Lanka cooperation in the port industry under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has brought visible benefits to Sri Lanka's port development over the past years. Full Story

Interview: Saipan recovering from super typhoon, airport to reopen by mid-November, says governor

2018-11-01 22:51:37

Saipan and other Northern Mariana islands are recovering from the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yutu, and the international airport is planned for reopen by mid-November, the local governor said Thursday. Full Story

Spotlight: Saudi-backed Yemeni gov't announces willingness to resume stalled talks with Houthis

2018-11-01 21:56:13

The Saudi-backed Yemeni government announced on Thursday that it is willing to restart stalled peace talks with the Shiite Houthis for finding solutions to end the country's years-long conflict. Full Story

Spotlight: China-Israel ties to flourish amid efforts to deepen win-win cooperation

2018-11-01 18:50:23

Practical efforts have boosted fruitful bilateral cooperation between China and Israel, and both sides are expecting their win-win cooperation to be further deepened in the future. Full Story

China Focus: Chinese career women find work-life balance

2018-11-01 17:55:13

When Peng Yan's son was six months old, she brought him with her on a work trip to sea, in her warmest coat and accompanied by her mother-in-law. Full Story

Spotlight: China's 1st import expo to be "golden opportunity" for Cambodian product promotion

2018-11-01 17:20:07

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be a "golden opportunity" for Cambodia to promote its potential products to Chinese and international buyers, Cambodian commerce officials and exhibitors said. Full Story

Interview: Pirelli CEO sees CIIE as "great opportunity" for world trade

2018-11-01 16:39:59

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be a "great opportunity" for global trade, the Pirelli CEO has said. Full Story

News Analysis: Experts shrug off Trump admin's plan to use naval bases to export coal, gas

2018-11-01 04:27:49

The plan of the Trump administration to boost fossil fuel production by turning naval bases to export facilities is dead in the water, experts have said. Full Story

Interview: China's economic development contributes significantly to global economic development, says Danish minister

2018-10-31 21:36:02

China's economic development has contributed significantly to global economic development,"This has benefited us all immensely," Ulla Tornaes, Danish minister for development cooperation, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua recently. Full Story