History and Culture

Holly's International 2018 Spring Auctions opens

2018-05-22 11:22:00

More than 1,300 pieces of exquisite work will be shown during the 2018 Spring Auction at the Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province from May 20 to 23. Full Story

China explores outdoor museum to rescue historic residences

2018-05-22 10:58:00

A red-brick building with special carvings sits in sharp contrast to the local grey-white architecture of east China's Anhui Province, as do several hundred other buildings that have been relocated. Full Story

Unconventional exhibits:expect the unexpected

2018-05-22 10:52:00

A digital journey through an ancient scroll, “blank-period” porcelain and inkstones are on display at the Forbidden City as part of International Museum Day events. Full Story

Jingart adds new dimensions

2018-05-22 10:27:00

The inaugural fair showcasing high-end works from local and international galleries proves an instant hit with the capital's art lovers. Full Story

Painter finds beauty in isolated places

2018-05-22 10:02:00

Zhou Changxin travels in a truck loaded with painting supplies to China's wildest and most beautiful places, which he depicts on canvas. Full Story

Silicon Valley photographers to tell 'China story' with pictures

2018-05-22 09:27:00

A group of American photographers will travel to Wuhan city in central China later this month to find their "China Story" about the country's tremendous achievements made in the past 40 years through the lens of their cameras, organizers said over the Full Story

China taps Hollywood writers to create better films for Chinese market

2018-05-22 09:26:00

A new trend is hitting Hollywood. Pundits have noticed the exodus of a growing number of screenwriters and directors heading East... far East. To China, in fact. Full Story

Chinese stars rise at Cannes film fest

2018-05-22 08:50:00

With the curtain falling on 71st Cannes Film Festival, two young Chinese directors have become the latest winners at the world-renowned event. Full Story

Chinese social platforms spark debate over promoting animated cultural relics

2018-05-21 14:10:00

Animation and memes C these might be the last things you can refer to as cultural relics. However, such videos and pictures were widely shared on Chinese social platforms on Friday, the International Museum Day. Full Story

Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou receives Boston University honorary degree

2018-05-21 09:56:00

Famed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou on Sunday was greeted with cheers and applause of an enthusiastic crowd after he received an honorary Doctor of Humanize Letters from the Boston University at its 145th Commencement. Full Story