History and Culture

Blending the new and old: The Hong Kong Palace Museum

2017-06-28 13:19:00

Have you ever imagined appreciating precious cultural relics in a bustling and modern economic city? In the near future, this will become a surprising reality in Hong Kong, a city which has been dubbed a “cultural desert.” Full Story

What did ancient Chinese people eat in summer?

2017-06-28 13:11:00

In the past, ancient Chinese people also enjoyed "ice cream" and specially prepared fruit in summer. Here are three delicacies they treated themselves to in hot weather. Full Story

Tibetan epic passed down more vividly

2017-06-28 10:41:00

A new movie featuring Tibetan Buddhists has inspired 76-year-old Danma Jamyangtsultrim to do something big with the rest of life - preserving a time-honored epic through a comic book series. Full Story

Chinese culture in Summer Davos

2017-06-28 09:54:00

The 11th Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as Summer Davos is being held in the China’s northeast coastal city of Dalian. Full Story

New book records the endangered culture and oral history of China's Oroqen ethnic minority

2017-06-28 09:41:00

At a total population of around 8,000 people, the Oroqen are one of the smallest ethnic groups in China. Full Story

Palace Museum shows artifacts in Hong Kong

2017-06-27 11:06:00

Two major exhibitions of cultural relics reflecting former imperial families' lives will be displayed in Hong Kong as highlights among a series of events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. Full Story

UK museum to display dinosaurs discovered in China

2017-06-27 08:25:00

Massive dinosaur skeletons and never-before-seen fossils from China are part of an exhibition coming to Nottingham's Natural History Museum at Wollaton Hall. Full Story

Kid rides an ox to preschool as dad indulges in Sinology

2017-06-26 14:12:00

What is the most luxurious way one can enjoy a ride in big cities? Not a sport car or a limousine to your expectation, but something much more eye-catching. Full Story

Cultural exchanges between mainland, Hong Kong maintain sound development

2017-06-26 09:16:00

Cultural exchanges between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong have developed well since Hong Kong returned to the motherland in 1997, Ding Wei, vice minister of culture, said Sunday. Full Story

Guitars walking off walls of late singer Jimi Hendrix's house tell legend in Vancouver

2017-06-25 13:43:00

There's a saying:"If these walls could talk." Walls certainly can't talk, but music is heart touching, especially those that evoke memories. Full Story