History and Culture

New light on old money

2017-04-25 09:21:00

As the ancient empires along the Silk Road faded into obscurity, these surviving coins are remaining witnesses of the booming communication on that legendary Eurasian trade route. Full Story

Modernity puts traditional shadow puppets in the shade

2017-04-25 09:05:00

Two warriors in ancient costume fight ferociously. Suddenly, to the dramatic sound of drums a red-faced warrior pulls out his sword before beheading his white-faced enemy. Full Story

Chinese bamboo slips hold world's earliest decimal calculator

2017-04-25 08:43:00

Bamboo slips dating back more than 2,300 years were officially recognized Sunday by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's earliest decimal calculation tool. Full Story

Greece, China 'steam engines' in highlighting culture as factor for coop, growth and stability: Greek FM

2017-04-24 15:15:00

Greece and China are the "steam engines" in the joint effort to highlight culture, a form of soft and smart power, as a factor for cooperation, growth and stability in an ever uncertain and unpredictable era, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias told Xi Full Story

An iconoclast's power

2017-04-24 14:43:00

Queen Sea Big Shark's lead vocalist Fu Han ventures into photography while riding a recent wave of renewed popularity for her style of rock Full Story

'Foreigner Influencers' in China

2017-04-24 14:14:00

When we think of foreign nationals living in China, we immediately think of expats, students and teachers. But with China’s rapid economic boom, we are seeing a rise of a new group of people from overseas who are making China their permanent home. Full Story

Lazy species? Panda performs forward rolls

2017-04-24 10:44:00

Despite being from a famously lazy species, one giant panda in southwest China is shaping up to be quite an acrobat. Full Story

Good tea in Taiwan starts at school

2017-04-24 10:37:00

It is mid-April. Just after 5 a.m., Chen Siou-cin, 60, puts on her bamboo hat and goes to her tea garden. Full Story

Novel concept bridges worlds with translations to English

2017-04-24 10:12:00

"Master Ren" - as he is known online - has become an international sensation for his masterful translations of Chinese fantasy novels into English. Full Story

Best books recognized in Wenjin Awards

2017-04-24 10:07:00

High-quality books on traditional Chinese culture are being revitalized, judging from the results of the 12th annual Wenjin Awards, China's national-level comprehensive book award to encourage public reading. Full Story