History and Culture

An Englishman explains his fascination with Tai Chi

2017-05-24 16:22:00

Englishman Daniel Nichols has something of a dual role here in China. For the past two years, he has split his time between teaching English at a university and studying Tai Chi. Full Story

Making the stage his own

2017-05-24 15:56:00

Jin Shifei, then a freshman majoring in computer science and technology at Tsinghua University, walked by the student canteen and was intrigued by groups of students handing out brochures about different campus clubs to recruit new members. Full Story

Japanese ballet troupe performs in remorse for history

2017-05-24 14:08:00

For Japanese ballerina Yoko Morishita, performing "The White-Haired Girl" went way beyond an intriguing mix of Western art and a Chinese story. Full Story

Tibet Peaceful Liberation 66 years on

2017-05-24 13:33:00

Tuesday marks the 66th year anniversary of the Tibet Peaceful Liberation. Full Story

Han treasures bring kings to life

2017-05-24 13:25:00

A burial suit made of thousands of pieces of jade laced together with gold thread and designed to protect and glorify a king in his afterlife will go on display in New York city. Full Story

Political advisors discuss building cultural confidence

2017-05-24 11:03:00

Chinese political advisors met on Tuesday to discuss how to build the country's cultural confidence and tell China stories well. Full Story

China, Serbia sign MOU on cultural heritage protection cooperation

2017-05-24 10:26:00

Serbia and China on Tuesday reached a framework agreement to boost cooperation in the area of cultural heritage by exchanging experts and organizing seminars. Full Story

Shows are cutting back on scenes that depict smoking

2017-05-24 10:14:00

Smoking scenes have been significantly reduced in Chinese films and TV series in the past decade thanks to increasing awareness by the industry and the public, according to a new survey by the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control. Full Story

Inspired by noodle wrappers, Chinese woman revives retro printing

2017-05-24 09:54:00

The arts of printing and papermaking make up half of China's "Four Great Inventions" -- discoveries that are celebrated as major breakthroughs in the country's history, and symbols of ancient China's achievements. But in the hustle and bustle of mode Full Story

Former James Bond actor Roger Moore dies at 89

2017-05-24 09:31:00

Sir Roger Moore, best known for starring in the James Bond movie franchise, died in Switzerland on Tuesday aged 89 after a battle with cancer, his family said. Full Story