History and Culture

Chinese ambassador calls for deepened China-UK cultural cooperation

2017-09-12 10:26:00

Chinese ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming on Monday spoke highly of a fashion show inspired by traditional embroidery in southwest China's mountainous ethnic region, calling for deepened China-UK cultural cooperation. Full Story

'The Art of Cai Guoqiang' documentary set for China release

2017-09-12 10:02:00

You may not know him, but you have definitely seen his work C the giant footprints in mid-air firework tracing along the central axis of the Chinese capital at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Full Story

Bookstores adopt new role in urban life

2017-09-12 09:53:00

“Will printed books die out of history?” It is a frequently discussed and debated question in recent years, ever since digital reading and online bookstores started booming. However, the increasing number of bookstores in cities around the globe might alr Full Story

English-version Chinese classic bids to enthrall Chinese audience

2017-09-12 09:39:00

The English-version opera of the Chinese classic “A Dream of Red Mansions” has come to China, after wowing the Western audiences last September in San Francisco. Full Story

City walls: Preservation of living history in China

2017-09-12 09:25:00

In historical Chinese cities like Nanjing and Xi’an, the ancient city walls stand downtown, forming a spectacular combination of the past and the present, of a historical relic and the modern metropolis. Full Story

Rare Song, Ming porcelains to be auctioned in HK

2017-09-12 09:02:00

The rare Ru ceramics are so celebrated that they have inspired prose. Only a handful of pieces are in private hands, leading to great interest among collectors. Full Story

Shanghai dialect can be heard up above

2017-09-12 08:41:00

Shanghai Airlines has expanded a practice to broadcast greetings in the Shanghai dialect to 10 flights after a survey found most passengers like hearing it. Full Story

Beijing int'l cultural, creative industry expo opens

2017-09-11 16:09:00

The China (Beijing) International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE), the 12th ever to be held in the city, opened Monday. Full Story

Egypt returns 13 ancient notes to China for 1st time

2017-09-11 13:47:00

Egypt handed 13 pieces of smuggled ancient antiques to back to China on Sunday, including ancient banknotes and bonds dating back to late 19th century. Full Story

From caves to the stage

2017-09-11 10:47:00

Choreographer Fei Bo brings to fore the stories of people associated with preserving Dunhuang's grottoes in a new ballet. Chen Jie reports. Full Story