History and Culture

Russia's State Historical Museum brings 1917 October Revolution treasures to Beijing

2017-11-09 10:18:00

A century ago on November 7, 1917, the October Revolution successfully established the world's first Marxist socialist country, sending ripples round the world and bringing Marxist-Leninist theory to China. Full Story

60-year-old protects Great Wall, pens essays

2017-11-09 09:32:00

Sixty-year-old Gao Zhengqing has been patrolling a 30-kilometer section of the Great Wall for three years and has written 50,000 words, with a monthly salary of 300 yuan ($45). Full Story

Chinese researchers seek origins of Austronesians

2017-11-09 09:22:00

A research center has been set up to determine whether Austronesians originated on the Chinese mainland. Full Story

American films in China: a closer cultural bond

2017-11-09 09:12:00

As the interlude between the peak seasons on China's film calendar, November is not usually a busy time for Chinese moviegoers. But this year, a number of high quality Hollywood productions are delivering good performances to invigorate the market. Full Story

An introduction to the Forbidden City's Jianfu Palace Garden

2017-11-08 16:21:00

Located in the northwest corner of the Forbidden City, the Jianfu Palace Garden is some 4,074 square meters in size. It was first built during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) in 1740, during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor. Full Story

Shouldering new cultural mission in new era

2017-11-08 14:08:00

General Secretary Xi Jinping's report to 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, especially where he emphasizes cultural confidence, provides the direction and guideline for further development of the Chinese culture. Full Story

Neolithic stone burial site found on China-Russia border

2017-11-08 13:57:00

Chinese archaeologists have discovered a Neolithic stone burial site by the side of a river on the border between China and Russia. Full Story

Sichuan launches largest excavation project

2017-11-08 13:45:00

Southwest China's Sichuan Province launched its largest ever archaeological excavation project Tuesday, according to the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Archaeology Research Institute. Full Story

Chinese musical 'Shimmer' to hit Broadway

2017-11-08 13:38:00

The original production Shimmer has become the first Chinese musical to have an open-ended run in Broadway starting in 2019. Full Story

English musical by students staged in Beijing

2017-11-08 13:35:00

"Silk … The Eternal Road", an English musical by students and teachers of the Asia-Pacific Experimental School of Beijing Normal University, premiered in Beijing on Nov 1. Full Story