History and Culture

Grocery shopping habit reveals regional difference, sparks discussion

2017-09-04 11:07:00

Thanks to the vast territory and huge population of China, diverse living habits with geographical features have been an ever-lasting topic among Chinese. Full Story

BRICS to launch Cultural Festival to promote diversity, exchanges

2017-09-04 08:53:00

Beyond trade and investment, BRICS countries are seeking to expand cooperation on the cultural front and China is hoping a first BRICS Cultural Festival, to be held later this month in the southeastern city of Xiamen, will boost exchanges and promote dive Full Story

"Focus on China" launched at 74th Venice Film Festival

2017-09-03 11:32:00

Themed event "Focus on China" was officially launched at the 74th edition of the Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy, on Thursday, becoming one of the highlights of the festival. Full Story

Chinese VR movies nominated for awards at Venice film festival

2017-09-02 10:50:00

Four Chinese virtual reality films have been nominated for the 74th Venice International Film Festival, and will compete with their foreign rivals for three major prizes. Full Story

Treating ailments, the ancient way

2017-09-02 09:55:00

The number of young people seeking Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments for illnesses at hospitals in summer has been on the rise in recent years. Full Story

Stone statues of Niulang and Zhinyu trigger heated discussion

2017-09-01 13:37:00

The images of the most authoritative statues of Niulang the cowherd and Zhinyu the weaver girl in Chinese folklore set off heated discussion recently, with netizens complaining they are disappointed by their appearance. Full Story

Chinese artists with disabilities present cultural performance inside Geneva's UN headquarters

2017-09-01 10:43:00

A group of Chinese artists with disabilities on Thursday night gave a breath-taking show in the Palais de Nations, the UN headquarters in Geneva, to more than 1,000 audiences, including over 30 ambassadors and senior international organization leaders. Full Story

Classics inform conversations in author's contemporary title

2017-09-01 09:52:00

Confucius once asked his students: "What is your ideal life?" Some said they wanted to help run the country. Others said they wanted to educate people on morality. Full Story

HK sends Buzz Lightyear 'to infinity... and beyond'

2017-09-01 09:20:00

Hong Kong Disneyland's popular shooting-gallery ride C the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters C finished service on Thursday. It will be remodeled into a new Marvel-themed interactive shooting game. Full Story

Why youths are drawn to cosplay, subculture

2017-09-01 08:56:00

Many cosplay and ACG events are being organized in China, making the subculture popular among some youths. ACG means anime, comics and games subculture, and cosplay means costume play, in which participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to represe Full Story