History and Culture

Beijing celebrates International Museum Day with relics from top archaeological sites

2017-05-19 10:27:00

The exhibition displays a selected collection of relics from sites appearing on China's annual Top 10 New Archaeological Discoveries list over the past two decades. The exhibition is scheduled to run until August 27. Full Story

Wrestle not with new law - trade's good for people

2017-05-19 09:59:00

Two Chinese female colleagues beat me to watching the Indian/Hindi-language movie Dangal (Chinese title: Shuaijiao Ba Baba or Let's Wrestle, Dad) on the big screen in Beijing. Full Story

Shanghai World Expo: Tools of the future showcase history

2017-05-19 09:47:00

Shanghai’s new World Expo Museum is ready to show you something about international gala held for the last 160 years. Full Story

New ideas shine on International Museum Day

2017-05-19 09:45:00

A slew of events, including new projects and exhibitions aimed at appealing to visitors, were launched by various Chinese museums on International Museum Day Thursday. Full Story

Global library curators vow cultural cooperation

2017-05-19 09:41:00

More than 30 national library curators and representatives from 20 countries and regions in Asia and Oceania gathered in Beijing Thursday to discuss the building of sustainable regional library networks. Full Story

Beijing restores imperial garden

2017-05-19 08:53:00

An imperial garden in downtown Beijing's Beihai Park opened Thursday to tourists after a restaurant that had operated for 60 years was moved out as part of the city's campaign to protect its cultural heritage. Full Story

International Museum Day -- a day to appreciate the importance of culture

2017-05-18 19:47:00

International Museum Day is an occasion to raise awareness of the importance of museums for the development of society. Full Story

Chinese museums receive 900 mln visitors each year

2017-05-18 19:40:00

Chinese museums held a total of 30,000 exhibitions each year, receiving 900 million visitors, according to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) on Thursday. Full Story

Preserving a Chinese icon: Great Wall needs rescue

2017-05-18 18:39:00

Meandering on mountain ridges across north China, the Great Wall, one of the world's great wonders, has for thousands of years protected residents from invasion. Full Story

Neolithic relic sites discovered in northwest China

2017-05-18 17:59:00

Archaeologists in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, northwest China, have discovered 13 sites that have hundreds of Neolithic artifacts, Xinhua was told Thursday. Full Story