History and Culture

Myriad worlds

2018-05-08 14:33:00

Rare items from a Qatari royal collection of ancient and modern artifacts are on display at the Palace Museum in Beijing. Full Story

Archaeologists find China's earliest bone tools

2018-05-08 14:30:00

An international team of researchers says they have identified seven bone soft hammers or retouchers as China's earliest known bone tools, dating back 115,000 years. Full Story

Contemporary art fair sets up camp in downtown Chengdu

2018-05-08 14:05:00

At the end of April, two large tents costing 3 million yuan ($470,000) were set up in the heart of Chengdu's commercial center to create a bespoke venue where artists, art lovers, dealers and collectors gathered for the first major contemporary art fair Full Story

Rare tombs discovered in Chinese ancient ruins

2018-05-08 13:18:00

Archaeologists in southwest China's Yunnan Province have discovered 14 rare tombs believed to be from between the late Neolithic and early Bronze age, local authorities said Monday. Full Story

Operatic masterpiece

2018-05-07 16:20:00

A world-class venue dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of Chinese opera is nearing completion in Hong Kong. Full Story

Chinese Kung Fu festival draws crowd despite heavy rain in Nigeria's economic hub

2018-05-07 09:55:00

Heavy rains did not deter huge crowds from gathering in Lagos, Nigeria's economic hub for the maiden edition of Chinese Kung Fu Festival on Saturday. Full Story

Rural tourism brings fortune to China's last tribe

2018-05-06 12:36:00

Restaurant owner Xiao Meiying lives in Wengding village in Southwest China's Yunnan province, a village consisting of people from the same small ethnic group, the Wa, who lived in isolation for centuries. Full Story

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum to start expansion in 2018

2018-05-06 11:30:00

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum is expected to start its expansion project this year after recently receiving government approval for its plan. Full Story

Cultural appropriation row puts qipao in spotlight

2018-05-05 12:40:00

A tweet of three photos of 18-year-old American student Keziah Daum wearing a qipao as a prom dress was enough to create an international storm. Full Story

Artifacts come alive with technology

2018-05-05 01:34:00

Xu Shaoqing stood in front of a large screen as a picture of a golden earring the size of a basketball appeared. Full Story