History and Culture

Hermes marks China anniversary with unique exhibition

2017-11-04 14:07:00

To mark the 20th anniversary of Hermes in China, the French luxury house has launched an exhibition called Harnessing the Roots in Shanghai. Full Story

24 solar terms inspire new ink creations

2017-11-03 16:19:00

As more Chinese people shift their attention to traditional culture, 24 solar terms have become a great inspiration to many artists. Full Story

Exhibition captures everyday lives of Chinese-Americans in 1950-60s

2017-11-03 16:13:00

Chinese-American photographer Zhao Xianzao's photographs are currently on display at the Overseas Chinese History Museum of China in Beijing. Full Story

Hutong homes: a long-lasting love affair

2017-11-03 15:20:00

Just a short walk off the busy Beijing street known as Guijie sit some of the city's most well-preserved hutongs, or lanes lined with traditional courtyard homes, known as siheyuan in Chinese. Full Story

Hong Kong to exhibit historic items from Maritime Silk Road

2017-11-03 10:22:00

An exhibition entitled "Sailing the Seven Seas: Legends of Maritime Trade of Ming Dynasty" will open here on Friday, the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Center said. Full Story

China-U.S. film festival kicks off in Los Angeles

2017-11-03 09:49:00

The 13th Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) kicked off Wednesday at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood in the western U.S. city of Los Angeles. Full Story

Once taboo, wills becoming acceptable to elderly

2017-11-03 09:27:00

More elderly Chinese are coming around to the idea of writing a will, to avoid disputes among family members, especially over the division of property, after they've departed. Full Story

TCM student creates an acupuncture robot

2017-11-03 08:55:00

A college student in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, has designed a robot that he says can perform acupuncture. Full Story

Beijing's growing backbone

2017-11-03 08:49:00

The capital's north-south axis reflects both Chinese culture and the country's history. Full Story

A post-80s female artist plays pig teeth in the mouth

2017-11-02 15:45:00

Paint a face red, add several long teeth in the mouth, and stare at people with blinking eyes. Full Story