History and Culture

China to restore UNESCO-listed timber building

2017-08-31 09:28:00

China's cultural heritage authority said Wednesday it will take measures to protect the ancient wooden architecture which has suffered structural damage caused by a leaking roof. Full Story

Breathing life into national treasures

2017-08-31 08:48:00

An upcoming variety show on China Central Television will bring together 27 Chinese "stars". But they are not people. Full Story

Norwegian illustrator Gunvor Rasmussen brings 'Monsterboka' to China

2017-08-30 10:03:00

Square fringes, blonde hair, Harry Potter glasses and a "Hogwarts" shirt, Norwegian illustrator Gunvor Rasmussen looks just like a member of J.K. Rowling's magic world - and, in a way, she is one. Full Story

Chinese rapper now moving to the beats

2017-08-30 08:53:00

When the first season of The Rap of China opened on streaming site iQiyi in June, the country's first reality TV show focused on the genre ushered in an unprecedented wave of interest in hip-hop music. Full Story

Flowers, mainly roses, serve as tokens of love

2017-08-29 10:07:00

Sales of flowers, especially red roses, increase rapidly near Qixi Festival as couples celebrate what's otherwise known as Chinese Valentine's Day. Full Story

Devising a new paradigm to promote culture

2017-08-29 09:58:00

Functions and values of culture keep changing, but still continue to influence youngsters. This has made it all the more important to not only preserve but also spread the values of traditional Chinese culture,expert says. Full Story

Space opera 'Valerian' takes No.1 spot at Chinese box office

2017-08-29 09:51:00

French director Luc Besson's Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which bombed in North America, rose to become the weekend box-office champion in the Chinese mainland with a three-day take of 190 million yuan. Full Story

Playwright Tang Xianzu's tomb found in east China

2017-08-29 08:53:00

The tomb of ancient playwright Tang Xianzu has been discovered in east China's Jiangxi Province, archaeologists announced Monday. Full Story

Egypt transfers securities relics to China

2017-08-28 14:11:00

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities on Sunday transferred 13 chartaceous securities and currencies to China, with some dating back to late Qing dynasty (1644-1911). Full Story

Exhibition shows late Chinese writer Lu Xun's overseas friendships

2017-08-28 10:22:00

Over 140 items, including 83 antiques and about 60 replicas, are on exhibition in the Shanghai Lu Xun museum, showing the late literary master's friendship with over 100 foreigners. Full Story